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Manchester United plans to extend the contract

Le 22 November 2017, 08:00 dans Humeurs 0

Manchester United plans to extend the contract with Mourinho, madman contract length is expected to be extended to the summer of 2021, and his annual salary will reach 11 million euros. In addition to open a huge contract to Mussina, Manchester United board also promised next summer's signings funds. According to the "Manchester Evening News", Manchester United will help Mourinho to introduce four players next summer. In the front line, Gletszman and Bell are both Mourinho favorite object. Currently Gletzman is not happy at Atletico Madrid, has suffered eight consecutive goals scoring drought, many media think, if you want a new level of career Mike Santorelli Jersey, then Gletzman need to break up with Atletico Madrid. Next summer, the French contract breach of contract is 100 million euros Stephane Robidas Jersey, which is Manchester United can afford. Premier League club Blancpain announced the official coach Tony - Pulisi get out of class Tj Brennan Jersey, the Welsh coach ended the Hawthorn stadium nearly 3 years of coaching, it is learned that Pulisi get out of class is due to West Brom Chinese boss Lai Guochuan unable to accept the team 10 consecutive Premier League victories Colin Greening Jersey, and only one point higher than the relegation zone status quo.

Manchester United targets include Bell

Le 22 November 2017, 08:00 dans Humeurs 0

Manchester United targets include Bell, although the Welsh winger has a very disgraceful injury history, but Manchester United have a strong interest in him Michael Grabner Jersey, Mourinho also believe that Bell will bring to the Red Devils to enhance, therefore, Manchester United will also pursue the Bell , After the summer of 2013 and the summer of 2017, Manchester United have pursued him William Nylander Jersey, but did not succeed. From the Spanish media point of view, Real Madrid also intends to give up the frequent injuries Bell. The recent rumors of Liverpool players leaving the team more and more, in addition to Kudiniao and Zhan Viktor Loov Jersey, now added Sturridge and Salah, Klopp disagreed: "I do not care, the team want to succeed The only way is to have good players Johnny Bower Jersey, we have such a team, and want to be successful together, hoping they'll come up with performance tomorrow. Since Suarez left Anfield, no Liverpool player scored more than 14 goals in a single season. He currently leads the Premier League standings with nine league goals and only three months into Salah. The compatriot, Egypt's Pharaoh, former Spurs shooter Mido praised him on Twitter: "Congratulations to Salah became the most Egyptian player in Europe in the future, he will have more outstanding performance, I remember when When I said Sara Hebe Sterling 3 years ago when I was 10 times better, many Liverpool fans made fun of me! Now they know I'm talking about the truth! Keep going, kid!

Soler of Valencia is also the goal

Le 22 November 2017, 07:59 dans Humeurs 0

Soler of Valencia is also the goal of Manchester United Nazem Kadri Jersey, in order to introduce the Spanish U21 player, Manchester United and the Bat Legion has been in contact. From Manchester United's current midfield, Carrick may be retired after the end of the season, Herrera and Felena's future is inconclusive, Mussina also need to Pogba and Matic looking for partner Auston Matthews Jersey. However, the uncle or talked about the transfer of library birds and Salah Hearing rumors: "In Spain Wendel Clark Jersey, you have become accustomed to Barcelona and Real Madrid are always different players rumors, Coutinho 100% will be in Liverpool, summer there There are many rumors, but once the summer window closes, we will still be very professional. Salah has long maintained top-level mentality Zach Sill Jersey, which is the other battles in Egypt, Egypt players do not have, I think Liverpool can not keep this statue of Buddha, not then he will be Real Madrid bag! Mido can not inhibit the excitement of the heart, in the second release of the Twitter frankly Real Madrid is the ultimate destination of Salah. Liverpool manager Salah He is also a strong advocate, Klopp said in an interview after the game: "If he can maintain such a goal rate, he probably scored 70 goals this season, which is indeed unlikely.

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